Non-Surgical Vasectomy

During a vasectomy, the tubes (vas deferens) which carry sperm from the testes to the penis are cut, cauterized (sealed with heat) and separated by stitching scrotal tissue between the cut ends.

This means that a man’s ejaculate contains no sperm and cannot fertilise a woman’s egg.

At Core Medical this is performed using the latest no-scalpel technique resulting in less pain and bleeding, plus fewer post-operative complications.

No scalpel vasectomy (NSV) is intended as a PERMANENT form of contraception. Reversal is not offered at Core Medical and is a much more difficult procedure with no guarantee of success. You should be certain that you do not wish for more children before proceeding.

Until a post-operative semen sample is proven to be clear of sperm you will need to continue with alternative contraception for a minimum of 16 weeks.

Potential complications include bleeding, infection, temporary pain for up to a month (5%), persistent pain (extremely rare), sperm granuloma (innocent but palpable lump in scrotum) and failure (0.05%).


- The most effective form of contraception

- Simpler, safer and 10x more effective than female sterilisation

- No effect on sexual function

- Permanent contraception


- Cannot easily be reversed if desired at a later date

- Not an instant contraceptive option

- Does not protect against sexually transmitted disease

- Rare complications

Should you want to know more information, please book an appointment with Dr Rhys Philips to discuss more.

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